Diaper & Health Policy

To ensure the safety of our patrons, the following guidelines shall be followed regarding diapers and health issues. Although it is rare, various diseases may be spread through contaminated water, so please help us monitor this facility.

  • Upon entering the facility, all parents will be responsible for ensuring that their diaper-aged children are properly attired in a swim diaper, tight-legged rubber pants and a bathing suit.
  • If you have or have had diarrhea in the past two weeks, please do not utilize the swimming pool.
  • Do not change your child’s diaper on the pool deck or in the pool chairs. Use the restrooms.
  • Assist young children in making frequent visits to the restroom to avoid accidents. Toilets are difficult for young children to flush so please check and provide assistance when needed.
  • Do not drink swimming pool water and avoid putting it in your mouth.

Outdoor Smoking Areas Policy

In response to health-related concerns brought to the board by members, the board voted to make the NRSC pool non-smoking. In order to promote a healthy environment for all of our members young and old, NRSC will be tobacco free. The Tobacco-Free Policy will apply to all members and guests of members. Smoking is prohibited on pool deck and inside the pool fence unless defined differently by a local ordinance. This applies to all outdoor areas mentioned. Smoking is prohibited within the NRSC Pool Facility Area.

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