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Guest logs are maintained to identify abuse of NRSC's Guest Policy.  Members that abuse NRSC's Guest Policy will be required to meet with the NRSC Board and club membership is subject to termination.  
  1. Members, Member Couples, and Member Families are allowed to bring guests to the pool. 
  2. Guests will not be admitted to NRSC without an accompanying member.  
  3. Members must identify all Guests upon entry to NRSC, ensure their Guests sign-in through at the Guard Shack, and ensure Guest Fees are paid at the time of entry.
  4. Members must accompany their Guests during their ENTIRE visit to NRSC. 
  5.  It is the responsibility of the Member to advise Guests of the Club, Pool, Diving Board and Volleyball Court rules. 
  6. Members will be held responsible for all actions of their Guests.
  7. All guests are limited to a maximum of five (5) total visits to NRSC per season.

    Examples of how maximum number of visits are tallied:   

    • A Guest that visits NRSC Five (5) times with the same Member, Member Couple, or Member Family reaches the season maximum.   
    • A Guest that visits Five (5) times with different Members, Member Couples, Member families reaches the season maximum.  
    • Guests who have reached the 5 visit maximum for a season in any of the above combinations will be turned away.  They can gain admittance to the club with the payment of Membership Dues of the membership level of their choosing.  
  8. Fourteen (14) and Fifteen (14) year-old Member Dependents may not bring guests of any age to NRSC when visiting the club when their parent(s)/legal guardians(s) are not in attendance.    
  9. When Member Dependents reach sixteen (16) years of age, they may bring guests age sixteen (16) or older to the club without their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) being in attendance at the club.
  10. A caregiver/babysitter age sixteen (16) or older who is employed by a Member (Family Membership) is permitted to bring the dependent(s) of their employer to NRSC when the members are unable to be present due to work or other obligations.  
      • Guest fees for the Non-Member caregiver/babysitter will be not be collected when the adult member(s) are not present.  
      • Non-member caregivers/babysitters must sign-in with each visit. 
      • Caregivers/babysitters must sign or provide electronic acceptance of NRSC's liability waiver.  The waiver will be effective for the entire summer season.  
      • Lifeguards and/or Board Members have the right to ask a caregiver/babysitter to leave the facility if he/she is not following all club/pool/diving board/volleyball court rules, is not adequately supervising the dependents of their member employer, or his/her conduct is out of order or disrespectful to other members, lifeguards or member guests.  An incident report will be documented and provided to the Member.  If multiple incidents reports are documented for any one caregiver/babysitter they will sent to review by the NRSC Board and the attendance privilege of the caregiver/babysitter may be revoked.  
    13. Members who bring caregivers/babysitters with them to NRSC must pay guest fees for their caregivers/babysitters.  
        • Guest fees are charged for each Guest’s visit and are collected at the entrance as the guest arrives. A Guest Fee is charged for Guests age five (5) and older. Children age four (4) and under are complimentary. 
          • Daily guest fees are $5.00 per Individual Guest and/or $8.00 per Guest Family. 
          • Guest fees are payable with Cash/Credit/Debit Cards. 
        • The guest fee is waived for Members whose grandchildren (age 18 years and younger) are guests to the club. The member must accompany the non-member grandchild and remain at North Raleigh Swim Club for the duration of the visit. 
        • Non-Swimming grandparents of Member families will be admitted to NRSC without charge. 


        GUEST: Any non-member of NRSC.  

        GUEST FAMILY:  Up to 2 adults residing at the same address and their dependents of whom they are legal guardians.  

        MINOR:  A person under the age of 18 years of age.  

        BABYSITTER: A non-member caregiver age 16 or older.

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