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2021 NRSC Competitive Summer Volleyball League


  • A way to fundraise money for North Raleigh Swim Club Volleyball in a fun and competitive way
  • Create a flexible, yet competitive league in which those forced to travel/work can still participate


Every Saturday and Thursday, beginning Saturday, May 15th - Saturday, August 28th

  • Thursdays: 6:30-Completion of Play (estimated end time 8:30 pm)
  • Saturdays: 11-1:30ish
  • 31 total dates, except Saturday July 4th

*Please arrive on time as we will begin the drafting process at the beginning of league play hours

**Without prior notice league play teams will not be adjusted after the beginning of the draft, so please communicate if you are going to be late for any league date.

Weather Policy: League Play will go on as planned unless prior notification is given by league administration


  • $35 NRSC Pool Members * (this rate is in addition to regular pool membership fee, paid to league administrators)
  • $100 Volleyball Only Members

League Guidelines:

  • 4v4 play, with some slight adjustments for differences in numbers
  • Number of teams dependent on total number of players on the given day/night
  • Round Robin format with a guaranteed minimum of 3 games per night, followed by pickup play
  • New teams each and every league date, along with different captains each and every league date
  • Everyone will have the opportunity to be a captain
  • Captains will be determined at the beginning of every league date

League Rules:

  • All games played to 21, rally scoring, straight up (no win by 2)
  • No touching the net, make your own calls!
  • No attacking the serve (a player cannot leave their feet and hit the ball in an aggressive manner back over to the opponent's side off an opponent’s serve)
  • No egregious carrying or lifting of the ball, make your own calls!

Point System and Club Champion Designation:

  • Your individual total points will be tracked throughout the entire league
  • Please post scores after each game (ex: A 21-18 game, everyone on the team who won would give themselves 21 points, while the losing team would give themselves 18 points)
  • Players will be updated on their total points weekly throughout the league
  • At the conclusion of the league (August 28th) the player's total points will be taken and divided by the total number of league games played to get their average league games total (ex: Jim scores a total of 700 points in the league and played a total of 45 games, his average league games total would be 15.55 points)
  • The person with the highest average league games total will be considered the club champion and have their name enshrined on a plaque, which we will keep moving forward
  • In order to be eligible to be club champion, you must attend a minimum of 15 league dates/45 total games
  • In the event of a tie, total points will be used as the tiebreaker 

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